Photo:  Sofia Marie Lusitana

Photo:  Sofia Marie Lusitana

Founding SITUATION BOOK in 2010, Dolores has worked as a designer | producer writer | consultant for Ethan Russell (photographer/ author), Robin Bowman (photographer) , Zeke Berman (artist/photographer), Alexander Kritselis (artist/painter), Christian Heckscher (artist/designer) Bart Kresa (master projection designer), and a variety of other artists and entrepreneurs.


DOLORES LUSITANA's  photographs have a painterly quality that invite the viewer to see the world around them a bit differently. She is interested in images that challenge others to bring personal interpretations via their own past experiences and respective state of mind.

A self-taught artist, she has a background in photo editing (Stewart Tabori & Chang, Esquire Magazine), fine art darkroom silver printing (Sid Avery + Assoc., George Hurrell Estate, Jeff Dunas Photography), Studio Management (Gerd Ludwig Photography), and her photography as been used for promotions, packaging, books, and magazines  (Lion's Gate Films, The History Channel, Mommy & Me Enterprises, Entertainment Weekly, American Theatre Magazine, Stewart Tabori & Chang, and Monarch Wellness, Inc.  

Previously, Dolores was a Project Director for the Artists In Action program at The Brooklyn Academy of Music and spent nearly a decade as an administrator, producer and executive assistant to singer/songwriter Paul Simon in NYC. After nearly 20 years living in Venice Beach, CA., she currently resides in Santa Monica.